Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá

Crest Gaelcholaiste Ui Chonba

Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá is now accepting enrollments for 2018/2019.
Please contact Ms Vourneen Gavin Barry on 069 62205 or

cholaiste ui chonba
Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá, Caisleán Nua Thiar, Contae Luimnigh

The recipe for success in Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá is individual attention, small classes, a caring family atmosphere and dedicated staff. Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá certainly encompasses all of these things. The result is a rewarding and successful bi-lingual educational environment in which all students develop and prosper.

The school has a very broad curriculum base catering for the individual needs of each student. It caters for languages, business, science, art and practical subjects, as well as extra curricular activities encompassing football, hurling, basketball, soccer, camogie, athletics, debating, young enterprise competition, fish cookery competition, and many more too numerous to mention.


The advantages of bilingualism:

1. International research shows that being bilingual helps intellectual and cognitive development.

2. Students who are bilingual can often have enhanced self esteem.

3. Students who speak Irish understand their own cultural identity as Irish citizens and as Europeans. There is a better chance that they will understand and respect people of other races and cultures who speak different languages.

4. Being bilingual will help the student learn a third and fourth language.

5. Being bilingual means that there are enhanced employment prospects for students.

The Múinteoir i bhFeighil is Siobhan Ni Chonchuir.


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Desmond College First Year Students 2015-2016 Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá (2015-2016)
Cian Másún, Cian O Nuailláin, Liam Mac Mathúna,
Melissa Ní Fhlaitheartaigh, Ayla De Barra

Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá 1GC : 2012-2013
Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá: 1GC (2012-2013)

Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá 5GC : 2011 - 2012
Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá: 5GC (2011-2012)

Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá 3GC : 2011 - 2012
Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá: 3GC (2011-2012)

Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá 1GC and 2GC : 2011 - 2012
Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá: 1GC and 2GC (2011-2012)

Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá 3G: 2010 - 2011
Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá: 3G (2010-2011)

Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá 2G : 2010 - 2011
Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá: 2G (2010-2011)

Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá 1G : 2010 - 2011
Gaelcholáiste Uí Chonbá: 1G (2010-2011)