Event Calendar

August 2019

Monday, 26th:
1st Year Induction (9.30-12.00)
Tuesday, 27th:
6th Years & LCA2 return
Wednesday, 28th:
3rd years return
Thursday, 29th:
TYs, 5th years & LCA1 return
Friday, 30th:
2nd years

September 2019

Thursday, 5th:
1st year iPad deployment
Thursday, 19th:
Higher Options Conference

October 2019

Tuesday, 1st:
5th year Career Trip
Wednesday, 2nd:
School Closed – JCT Day
Monday, 14th-18th:
Maths Week
Friday, 25th:
School closes for Mid-Term

November 2019

Monday, 4th:
School re-opens
Monday, 11th-15th:
Science Week
Monday, 18th-22nd:
College Awareness Week
Thursday, 21st:
Third Year & TY PT Meeting
Thursday, 28th:
6th year & LCA2 PT Meeting

December 2019

Friday, 20th:
School Closes for Christmas Holidays

January 2020

Monday, 6th:
School Re-opens
Tuesday, 7th-11th:
BT Young Scientist Week
Monday, 13th:
Numeracy Week
Thursday, 16th:
1st year & 2nd year PT Meeting
Thursday, 23rd:
LCA1 & 5th Year PT Meeting

February 2020

Friday, 14th:
School closes for Mid-Term
Monday, 24th:
School Re-opens
Tuesday, 25th:
School Closed – JCT Day

March 2020

Monday, 16th:
School Closed
Tuesday, 17th:
St Patrick’s Day
Monday, 30th:
Literacy Week

April 2020

Friday, 3rd:
School closes for Easter Holidays
Friday, 10th:
Way of the Cross
Monday, 20th:
School Re-opens
Monday, 27th:
TY Trip to Rome

May 2020

Monday, 4th:
Bank Holiday
Tuesday, 5th-9th:
2nd year Barcelona Tour
Tuesday, 5th-9th:
5th year Work Experience
Wednesday, 6th:
1st year trip to Burren
Thursday, 7th:
1st year trip to Burren
Thursday, 14th:
TY Graduation
Monday, 18th:
Awards Ceremony
Thursday, 21st:
Leaving Cert Graduation
Friday, 29th:
School closes for Summer Holidays

June 2020


July 2020