Student Success

Success for Students in their Junior Certificate

September 19, 2011

Newly Appointed Deputy Principal Congratulates Students

September 19, 2011

Desmond College Junior Certificate Students being congratulated by Principal and Deputy Principal

Newly appointed Deputy Principal, Ms. Elizabeth Cregan congratulating students who received their Junior Cert results on Wednesday, 14th September 2011.


Ms. Elizabeth (Eilis) Cregan, newly appointed Deputy Principal of Desmond College

Ms. Cregan said it was wonderful to see students’ hard work being rewarded.

Student Awards 2011

August 9, 2011


August 9, 2011

Congratulations to Emily Duffy, a first year student who got through to the regional final of the IMTA Maths Competition in Castletroy College, on 26th of April 2013.

1st Year student wins IMTA 2013 Maths Award
She is pictured here with her Maths teacher, Ms. A. Hernon.

Young Scientist Competition

August 9, 2011
2014: 5 Display Awards
2 Highly Commended Awards
2013: 3 Display Awards
2 Highly Commended Awards
2012: Analog Travel Award
Category Award Junior Technology Group
Highly Commended Award Senior Biological Group
Display Award Intermediate Technology Group
Display Award Senior Mathematical, Chemical, Physical Group
Display Award Junior Technology Group
Educator of Excellence Award, Ms Marie Corkery
2011: Highly Commended Award Junior Technology Group
2010: Category Award Junior Group Technology
Educator of Excellence Award, Mr Donal Enright
2009: Highly Commended Award Individual Senior Technology
Highly Commended Intermediate Group Technology
Display Award Group Senior Technology
Display Award Individual Biological
2008: Category Award Group Senior Technology
Highly Commended Award Group Junior Technology
2007: Category Award Group Senior Technology
2006: Category Award Group Senior Technology
2005: Runner Up Overall Group
Patent Award


Desmond College Students who won Irish College Scholarships to Choláiste Bhréanain

August 8, 2011

Many congratulations to the following students who won Irish College Scholarships to Choláiste Bhréanain in Ballybunnion this year:

2010-2011 : Searchtain na Gaeilge : Irish Scholarship

  • Dylan de Búrca : Dylan Burke
  • Shauna Ní Thoibín : Shauna Tobin
  • Suan Ní Mhurchú : Suan Murphy
  • Deaglán Ó Conchúír : Declan O’Connor
  • Lucás de Barra : Luke Barry
  • Darra Ó Domabháin : Darra O’Donovan


Green School

August 8, 2011

Green-Schools, is an international environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment.

Desmond College has been a proud participant of the Green-Schools initiative since 2006, having achieved our first Green Flag for Litter and Waste in 2008. Since then, over the past two years, we have made environmental conservation a regular topic of action and discussion with the students of our school.


Green-School Codes

Green Flag
Our litter code is: “We are a lean, mean, green, litter recycling machine“.
Our energy code is: “Remember to switch it off, turn it down and plug it out“.


School Waste Management Guidelines for All Students

Red Bins

General Waste: Food, Tayto bags and sweet wrappers only.

Green Bins

Plastic bottles, cans and paper only.


Desmond College Green Flag

Our main focus is to change peoples’ habits of dropping litter in public places and on the school premises. We also discourage people from leaving lights and equipment on when there is no real need. It is with great delight that we can announce the attainment of our second award of the Green-Schools programme for Energy while maintaining the litter free status of our school! This achievement is due to a dedicated team of students and teachers devoted to the committee over the past two years.

Green-Schools are far more than just an environmental management system. It fosters a strong sense of citizenship and leadership among participants that spreads far outside the school into the wider community. We are also committed to the conservation of our environment locally, nationally and on a global scale. During the year we have raised awareness in the minds of parents, students and teachers regarding energy conservation, global warming and proper recycling of waste through our daily actions and with the realisation of a multitude of cross-curriculum projects.

Desmond College : Green School : Flag Energy Committee

Our Green-Schools committee is made up of a group of teachers from a variety of departments, a cross-section of student years and students from the student council.

Mr. Keith O’Rahilly is the co-ordinator of the teacher’s aspect of the committee.

The following staff members are also part of this committee:

  • Ms. Gavin Barry (Principal)
  • Ms. Boohan
  • Ms. Liston
  • Ms. Walsh
  • Ms. Hartnett
  • Ms. Corkery
  • Mr. Bill Flaherty
  • Ms. Collins

While concentrating on the energy campaign, we have also being monitoring the litter management in the school. On occasion there have been some lapses and to counter this, we regularly organise pickups around the school making sure the grounds are well kept. We take part yearly in the national Spring Clean and the Irish Business Against Litter initiatives in collaboration with the Limerick County Council and An Taisce.

The Green-Schools programme has benefited our school enormously through educating our staff and students to take responsibility for their environment at home and in school. We urge all existing and new students entering our school this year to participate in our continuous campaign of keeping Desmond College a beacon of environmental conservation.


March 27, 2011


Desmond College students Tom Flavin, Christopher Scannell and John Delee proudly represented the school by joining Ireland’s most innovative students as they exhibited their Wellie Washer idea in the Agriculture Sector of the Agri-Aware, AIB and Bord Bia “GREEN DRAGON INNOVATION CHALLENGE” competition in Croke Park on Saturday 26th March 2011.

Young Scientists Competition 2010-2011

Having made it through early interviews and quick fire questions with one judge, the trio made it through to the finals with a detailed presentation to the judging panel of G Cleary (Glenisk), J Concannon (JFC Manufacturing), Leo Kerley (CrumbRubber) and Michelle Massey (Apprentice Winner 2010), and to the visitors and the general public.

As ever, Tom Flavin’s turn of phrase and Christopher Scannell’s and John Delee’s research and knowledge of their product proved a hit as the trio scooped “Runner up in the Agriculture Category”.

Working under the guidance of teachers, Ms. Corkery and Mr. Byrne they displayed the basis of their project was to promote hygiene and prevent the spread of disease on farms with their motorised “Wellie Washer”.

The portable device allows for the practical removal of organic waste and provides a disinfecting agent that can effectively prevent the spread of pathogenic organisms.

They received individual certificates, a school plaque and prize money to the value of 500 euro well deserved as they displayed that creativity and ingenuity are alive and well in Desmond College.

Well done to all.


Ear to the Ground

The exceptional standards of Desmond College entrants to the 47th BT Young Scientist awards held in the RDS Dublin was once again highlighted this year. Innovative projects, the “Wellie Washer”, the “Alchemiser” and the “Investigation into Tooth Decay” attracted huge attention among the record breaking attendance and the 520 projects on display.

Highlighting innovation in the Agricultural field the “Wellie Washer” project attracted huge interest from RTE’s TV programme, Ear to the Ground, as well as press interest from The Farmers Journal and The Examiner.

The idea was conceived by second year students Tom Flavin, John Delee and Chris Scannell based on their own experience on their family farms.

The group have been praised by Sean Gallagher of “Dragons’ Den” for their ingenuity as the portable footbath cleans and disinfects wellingtons and will be a very useful and practical way to prevent the spread of infection and disease on farms.

Winning highly commended from the judges The National Road Safety Authority were keenly impressed by the “Alchemiser” project designed by David Upton and Darragh McMahon.

Science Teacher, Ms. Corkery explained that they designed the device to prevent the ignition of a car if a person has more than the legal limit of alcohol in their system. With road deaths at an all time high, this device was designed to aid in the reduction of road deaths caused by driving under the influence of alcohol.

Transition Year students Edel Copse and Sarah Enright have dedicated their time to investigate the “Best Treatment for Preventing Tooth Enamel Erosion.” This attracted widespread attention from the public and dental experts. For their project the duo carried out the investigative experiments and analysed the effects of many every day substances on teeth to come up with the best prevention of tooth enamel erosion.

Desmond College would like to congratulate the innovative students, their parents and dedicated teachers for doing themselves and the school proud.