School Events

Book Review 2010-2011

August 9, 2011

Rang Aoghain, with the guidance of their class teacher, Mr. Goulding, took part in a Book Review initiative. This involved the students travelling down to the local book shop to buy their chosen book, students also visited the local cafe for refreshments!

Students read their new book along with five other books over a six week period and wrote a review on each book.


Chess Initiative 2010-2011

August 9, 2011

JCSP 2010-2011 : Chess Initiative

Mr. O’Rahilly our in-house chess expert carried out a chess initiative with first years, Rang Bríd. This was something very new and exciting for Rang Bríd.

Students got to learn how to play chess, compete against each other and a selection of students when on to represent Desmond College in a recent school tournament.

This initiative had a very positive effect on Rang Bríd and students gained a lifelong skill by taking part.

Well done to everybody involved.


Reading Challenge 2010-2011

August 9, 2011

All first year students took part in this year’s Reading Challenge – no mean feat!

Students were expected to read one book per week for six weeks and they were also expected to write a short review on each book.

The reason for running this initiative was to encourage students to read more and to improve their literacy skills.

During the course of the initiative it was easy to see that students really got into it and enjoyed the class period they got each day to read their chosen book.

This initiative was a total success and students really benefited from it. A big thank you to the English department for all their help in implementing this initiative.


Animal Magic 2010-2011

August 9, 2011

On Thursday 9th of December Animal Magic paid a visit to Desmond College and in particular the students from Rang Bríd, Rang Aoghain and Rang Grace.

Yet again, Rosie from Animal Magic had students amazed with an array of animals, the students got to meet Frodo an Australian lizard, T-Rex an African lizard, Fiachra a Boa Constrictor snake, a giant Flemish Rabbit, a frog and a South American Hawk.

This was a very enjoyable and educational morning for all students involved.


Make a Book Exhibition 2010-2011

August 9, 2011

On Thursday 7th April, students from Rang Aoghain accompanied by Bernie Flynn and Mr. Culhane embarked on a trip to Cork City for the 2011 JCSP “Make a Book Exhibition.”

Rang Aoghain produced a book but they also produced decorative foot stools in woodwork and two beautiful wall hangings in Home Economics.

This project all about the students themselves, who they are, where they came from and details of their backgrounds.

A lot of time and effort was put into the making of this book / project and the students who travelled to Cork had a really enjoyable day as they witnessed the fruits of their labour on display in City Hall, Cork.

Rang Aoghain are to be complimented for all the work they put into this project. Desmond College was well represented yet again.

I would like to thank the following teachers for all their help and dedication while this project has been produced: Ms. Dennison, Mr. Lowe and Ms. Aideen Collins.

The students who visited the exhibition also took part in the Make a Book Quiz, Patrick Madden was chosen as one of the lucky winners, he won an ipod nano for his efforts, CONGRATULATIONS PATRICK! Keep up the good work.


Modern Languages

August 9, 2011

Ms. Delaney, who recently joined our French Department, carried out a French initiative with her second year group.

A class set of French magazines was bought and time was allocated each week for students to read and study the magazines. This was an interesting and enjoyable way for students to enhance their written and verbal French.

This initiative was a total success and much credit is due to Ms Delaney for her hard work and dedication.


Number Millionaire 2010-2011

August 9, 2011

“Number Millionaire” was an initiative carried out by Ms. Helen Barry with her second year Maths class. This initiative is a mathematical take on the television programme “Who wants to be a Millionaire”.

Students were presented with problems and given multiple choice answers, if they were unsure of the correct answer they were able to avail of lifelines like 50:50 and ask a friend, etc.

This initiative made the Maths class very interesting and enjoyable for the students involved.


Word Millionaire 2010-2011

August 9, 2011

All second year students took part in a new literacy initiative called “Word Millionaire”. This initiative was held over six weeks and collectively students were expected to read over a million words.

This initiative did not involve writing reports which added to the enjoyment for students.


Desmond College Celebrates Seachtain na Gaeilge
Lá Fheile Padraig le Ceilí Móra

August 8, 2011


Desmond College Students who won Irish College Scholarships to Choláiste Bhréanain

August 8, 2011

Many congratulations to the following students who won Irish College Scholarships to Choláiste Bhréanain in Ballybunnion this year:

2010-2011 : Searchtain na Gaeilge : Irish Scholarship

  • Dylan de Búrca : Dylan Burke
  • Shauna Ní Thoibín : Shauna Tobin
  • Suan Ní Mhurchú : Suan Murphy
  • Deaglán Ó Conchúír : Declan O’Connor
  • Lucás de Barra : Luke Barry
  • Darra Ó Domabháin : Darra O’Donovan


Maths Week (2010-2011)

August 8, 2011

Maths Week in Desmond College

JCSP 2010-2011

August 8, 2011

The academic year 2010/11 again proved to be a very busy year for the JCSP in Desmond College. Our JCSP classes, with the help of their respective teachers took part in six different initiatives.

These initiatives varied from a chess initiative to a reading challenge which got all first year students reading books for six weeks.

Rang Aoghain (2nd year) took part in the annual JCSP “Make a Book” exhibition. Their book entitled “Who we are?” examined the backgrounds, hobbies and interests of the students from Rang Aoghain.

Animal Magic paid a visit to Desmond College and introduced our students to animals like lizards and giant rabbits.

J.C.S.P. Coordinator is Mr. Damien Culhane.


Desmond College students participating in Cultural Awareness Week

August 8, 2011

European Day of Languages 2011

August 8, 2011

This year for “The European Day of Languages” 2nd Year German students from Rang Bronna, Brendain & Barra took part in two competitions run by Leargas.

Students Participating in Student Day

They worked together to create two projects; a calendar that details the different languages present in Europe. Each month is dedicated to the history and language of a European country. The students researched these topics and came up with an image to represent each country as well as researching each country’s native language.

They also compiled a video clip of a classroom scene with each student displaying their German and acting skills. It was excellent and highly entertaining!


5th year students from Desmond College launch Anti-Bullying Week. (2011)

August 8, 2011

5th Years Launch Anti-Bullying Week 2010-2011

5th year students from Desmond College launch Anti-Bullying Week.