Desmond Rocks!

August 8, 2011

From months to go to seconds to go suited up with my friends Cian and Dylan but our friend Robert got the whole suit thing wrong, he came as RAMBO. Cian on bass, Dylan on drums, Robert going mad with the mic and me on guitar. We were The Splinters. We rocked it out.



Outta Control

Luke Barry – Bass guitar, vocals: “Some craic
Steven Mac – Rhythm guitar, Lead vocals: “Great Experience
David Upton – Drums: “Out of Control
Ciaran Nolan – Lead guitar: “Awesome

We picked this song because we knew it would get the crowd going”  LUKE BARRY


Exciting, one of the biggest moments of my life! Hard work but it paid off! Singing ‘For the First Time’ by The Script was unreal, the atmosphere and the buzz was amazing and dancing to ‘Fascination’ was so lovely and energy filled.  An extremely proud moment in my life.



I remember the first time performing my song in front of everyone.  I had butterflies in my stomach, my hands were shaking.  Actually I changed the song several times and eventually I picked ‘White Horse’ by Taylor Swift.  I enjoyed the night very much and it was one of the best experiences here in Ireland for me, one I will take to Slovakia with me.



I’ve taken part in the Desmond Factor almost every year.  When my name was called out announcing I was the winner I couldn’t believe it was such an honour.  The atmosphere on the night was epic!  I always have a good laugh rehearsing and all the teachers involved give great support.



Desmond Factor 2011 was a great show of the school’s talent.  On the night my nerves were in a heap.  We practiced every day after school, which I really enjoyed.  Mr. Casey and other mentors were so helpful.  When the night came I was very excited.  I couldn’t believe it when the judge called out ‘winner of the alternative category – James O’Connor.’  I was so happy.  From then on I was known affectionately as ‘Bodhran Guy’!”



Desmond Factor was the best part of the school year for me.  It’s some laugh. Can’t wait for next year.  It gets better as the years go on.


Desmond Factor

August 8, 2011

by MC James Liston

The Desmond Factor is probably one of the highest profile events in the school year and it was a real honour when Mr. Casey asked me to present it.

I was really excited and a bit taken back as I wasn’t expecting it.

My co-host that night was Jessica Purcell and she was really calm and cool on the night and we’ve become great friends after the show just like all the cast have.

When the night came it was unbelievable. I had never been involved before so it was completely new to me but it was all class.

The crowd got it all from French raps to soulful singers to dancing divas. It was a really great night where evertyhing went right.

The crowd were brilliant.

The talent was unbelievable and we all knew why the judgest too so long. I could feel the crowd waiting impatiently for the result, but thankfully last year’s winner Leanne rescued us with an encore.

I really enjoyed the night and was delighted to present it. A big thanks to everyone who made it all happen. “Isn’t that right Ladies and Gentlemen?


August 8, 2011

Under the direction of Ms. Jude Keane and Ms. Heather McCarthy, our school choir performs at school masses, local carol services, Christmas celebrations and graduation ceremonies.


March 27, 2011


Desmond College students Tom Flavin, Christopher Scannell and John Delee proudly represented the school by joining Ireland’s most innovative students as they exhibited their Wellie Washer idea in the Agriculture Sector of the Agri-Aware, AIB and Bord Bia “GREEN DRAGON INNOVATION CHALLENGE” competition in Croke Park on Saturday 26th March 2011.

Young Scientists Competition 2010-2011

Having made it through early interviews and quick fire questions with one judge, the trio made it through to the finals with a detailed presentation to the judging panel of G Cleary (Glenisk), J Concannon (JFC Manufacturing), Leo Kerley (CrumbRubber) and Michelle Massey (Apprentice Winner 2010), and to the visitors and the general public.

As ever, Tom Flavin’s turn of phrase and Christopher Scannell’s and John Delee’s research and knowledge of their product proved a hit as the trio scooped “Runner up in the Agriculture Category”.

Working under the guidance of teachers, Ms. Corkery and Mr. Byrne they displayed the basis of their project was to promote hygiene and prevent the spread of disease on farms with their motorised “Wellie Washer”.

The portable device allows for the practical removal of organic waste and provides a disinfecting agent that can effectively prevent the spread of pathogenic organisms.

They received individual certificates, a school plaque and prize money to the value of 500 euro well deserved as they displayed that creativity and ingenuity are alive and well in Desmond College.

Well done to all.


Ear to the Ground

The exceptional standards of Desmond College entrants to the 47th BT Young Scientist awards held in the RDS Dublin was once again highlighted this year. Innovative projects, the “Wellie Washer”, the “Alchemiser” and the “Investigation into Tooth Decay” attracted huge attention among the record breaking attendance and the 520 projects on display.

Highlighting innovation in the Agricultural field the “Wellie Washer” project attracted huge interest from RTE’s TV programme, Ear to the Ground, as well as press interest from The Farmers Journal and The Examiner.

The idea was conceived by second year students Tom Flavin, John Delee and Chris Scannell based on their own experience on their family farms.

The group have been praised by Sean Gallagher of “Dragons’ Den” for their ingenuity as the portable footbath cleans and disinfects wellingtons and will be a very useful and practical way to prevent the spread of infection and disease on farms.

Winning highly commended from the judges The National Road Safety Authority were keenly impressed by the “Alchemiser” project designed by David Upton and Darragh McMahon.

Science Teacher, Ms. Corkery explained that they designed the device to prevent the ignition of a car if a person has more than the legal limit of alcohol in their system. With road deaths at an all time high, this device was designed to aid in the reduction of road deaths caused by driving under the influence of alcohol.

Transition Year students Edel Copse and Sarah Enright have dedicated their time to investigate the “Best Treatment for Preventing Tooth Enamel Erosion.” This attracted widespread attention from the public and dental experts. For their project the duo carried out the investigative experiments and analysed the effects of many every day substances on teeth to come up with the best prevention of tooth enamel erosion.

Desmond College would like to congratulate the innovative students, their parents and dedicated teachers for doing themselves and the school proud.