SciFest 2017

A number of students were very successful in the SciFest 2017 Competition held in Limerick Institute of Technology on 27th April 2017.

They won awards including:

  • Winner of Intermediate Technology
  • Runner up best project award
  • The Boston Scientific Medical Device Award
  • The Maths in Science Award.

Well done to all the students involved for such amazing success!

27th April 2017: Desmond College Post Primary School Students receiving the Boston Scientific Award at SciFest 2017
Dylan Moloney and Thomas Curtin receiving
their Boston Scientific Medical Devices Award.

27th April 2017: Maths in Science Award going to Limerick Post Primary School Students from Desmond College at SciFest2017
Rhea Crowley, Michéal Murphy and Leona Mulally
receiving their Maths in Science Award.

27th April 2017: SciFest 2017 Desmond College Post Primary School Limerick student participated in SciFest2017 with her project investigating parental awareness
Amy O’Shea with her project investigating
Parental Awareness of Privacy settings on Facebook.

27th April 2017: Post Primary School Limerick Desmond College represents at SciFest2017 with a Project on Bees
Tiernan Mason, Jack Grimes and Liam Callanan with their project on Bees.

27th April 2017: Desmond College post primary school limerick students receiving awards for their projects at SciFest 2017
Dylan Moloney and Thomas Curtin winners of the
Intermediate Technology Award and the Abbott Runner Up Best Project Award.