Enquiring Minds Attend RDS Primary Science Fair at MIC

Jan 2017: Students from Killoughteen National School, Newcastle West at the 2017 RDS Primary Science Fair (Picture: Sean Curtin)

“This is actually very simple for a project that saves lives,” Julianne O’Connor from Killoughteen NS, in Newcastle West, explained.

Their homemade handheld fire extinguishers, a joint effort between the school’s fifth and sixth classes and their teachers, are made using products you would easily find in the kitchen.

“We all know that vinegar is an acid, and we all know that baking soda is a base, and bases and acids do not mix. It causes a chemical reaction,”said fifth class girls Julianne, Lucy Hennessy, Aisling Sexton and Kate Foley.

The trials to find the optimum mixture of the two ingredients made for some explosive results, and the pupils learned how to take safety precautions when dealing with chemicals.

Nevertheless, the youngsters were provided with some science safety gear by nearby Desmond College … read the full article >>