Maths Week in Desmond College 2016

The students in Desmond College took part in a wide range of mathematical activities in celebration of Maths Week. Maths week in Desmond College aims to promotes awareness, appreciation and understanding of maths through a huge variety of events and activities.

Nov 2016: Desmond College Post Primary School Students Participating in the Desmond College Maths week.
Andy O Doherty, Daniel O Sullivan, Marcelina Krzywdainska and Joanne Lai.

Nov 2016: Maths Poster designed for Maths Week by First Year Student in Desmond College Post Primary School
A maths poster designed by Kacper Kazmierczak in First Year as part of Maths Week.

Nov 2016: Desmond College Post Primary School First Year Student receiving his prize for his Maths Week Poster.
Kacper Kazmierczak receiving his prize from teacher Ms Murphy for winning the First Year Maths Poster Competition.