Department of Education and Skills Inspection

Desmond College received wonderful feedback from an inspection by a Department of Education and Skills Inspector on Tuesday 11th October. Here is a summary of the feedback received:

  • Teaching and Learning is of a very high quality in all classes observed.
  • Great focus on preparation and planning.
  • Clarity of Learning Intention and clear structure of lessons shown.
  • Active engagement by all students in all lessons – No passive students.
  • Homework as central to the learning, was evident.
  • Good routines displayed in classes – Homework/Journals/rules etc.
  • Very positive interaction between students and teachers and between student and student – great respect shown between all.
  • Teachers knew their students well – they knew their individual needs.
  • Skilled experienced and reflective teachers.
  • Clear evidence of whole school focus on teaching and learning.
  • Compliments paid to Learning Intention/Homework/Keywords Boards.
  • Compliments paid to use of IT in school.
  • Compliments paid to positive tone of student focused school rules in Journal.
  • Positive atmosphere in school was evident.