Make a Book


By Sandra Mikrut

My Nana is 52 years old. She lives in Poland in a small lovely house but my Grandad is building her a new big house. They moved from Poland to the USA and back again. They lived in the USA for seven years. I didn’t see her for those seven years. She moved to the USA when I was small. I really missed her.

My Nana is tall. She has very long black hair with blue streaks. She likes putting different colours in her hair. Last year it was green. She is very cool! She is very skinny. She wears lovely dresses and clothes that are in fashion. She loves to dance and sing. She’s always running or walking. She loves to be outside.

When I go to Poland we go shopping together. We have very good chats. She is always cooking Lasagne or loads of nice Polish things for me. We go shopping to “Crop” that’s like a fashion shop. She picks clothes for me and I pick things for her. Then she tells me how I look and if it’s nice. Then she buys me all the clothes that I want. When I was in Poland she always helped me with my homework. Now I ring her sometimes for help with my homework because she understands English very well. When I was very small she read and sang to me. I’m always laughing when I’m with her.

She’s always talking about her school days or when she was growing up. She likes to talk about my Mom when she was small and her first day of school. She forgot her schoolbag. We always laugh at this story. She gives me everything that’s nice like chocolate and sweets and even money when I want to go shopping with my friends.

The best story I have of my Nana was when I was small. I just remember during this summer we were watching a very good movie with Grandad. It was so funny. I love this memory because I was spending time with them. Last December it was my birthday and she came here to visit us for Christmas. She got me a very big present and made a very nice birthday cake. I was so happy. The Christmas before that we were with all our family in Poland. We had a great time. We song Polish Christmas songs, we ate Polish dinner like fish and loads of nice things. This Christmas I will go visit her and Grandad. This summer I want to take her and Grandad to France. I was in France two times. It was amazing. I want to show them Disneyland and all of Paris. I want to go shopping with her.

My Nana is my life. I love her so much she is like my mom, she is everything to me. I love my Nana because she is my only Nana and we are very close. I tell her everything and I have great time with her. She is the best Nana in the whole word.