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PLC Course now taking Applications for 2013/2014

April 30, 2013

.Further Education 2013-2014 FETAC Level 5 at Desmond College: Open for Applications.

Desmond College Students Meet Enda Kenny

April 25, 2013

The TY class from Desmond College with Patrick O'Donovan TD, on their visit to the Dail where they met with national political figures to present their case for National Cardiac Screening for under 35s.

Transition year students at Desmond College travelled to Dail Eireann on Wednesday 24th of April to highlight their campaign to the government that free cardiac screening should be mandatory for all young people in Ireland.

The students briefed the Ministers, the Health Committee and also had a private meeting with An Taoiseach Enda Kenny on why they would like to see a situation in Ireland, where cardiac screening is the norm for all people under the age of 35.

They also spoke about all the hard work they have done to date to create awareness about this issue and strengthen their campaign. The Taoiseach was very positive and commended the students on all the work that they have done. The students are doing this project as part of Young Social Innovators where their ultimate goal is to have free screening available to all people in Ireland under the age of thirty-five.

This project was motivated by the loss of two young people both of whom were very special and important in the lives of this Transition Year class and Desmond College- Niamh Herlihy and Darra O’Donovan. This is a huge achievement for the school and one which the class are very proud of. It’s not often that you get a private meeting with the Taoiseach of the country!

This was further reinforced on Friday when the students of Desmond College received a personal letter from An Taoiseach congratulating them on their efforts to date and assuring them that he is behind this project 100 percent. It’s comforting to know that students in Desmond College understand the value of protecting young people from heart defects in this country and are willing to work hard to make it happen.

This TY project has successfully reached the Final of the Young Social Innovator Competition being held in Dublin on 8th May. A second TY project called Beat The Blues, aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues, has also got a place in the Final.

Students from Desmond College, with Patrick O'Donovan TD and teacher Ciara Broderick with An Taoiseach Enda Kenny following a private meeting.

The Journey: Dying to Be a Poet

April 19, 2013

A Collaborative Exhibition on the Theme of Death, Dying, Loss and Care

The Way of the Cross

April 16, 2013


A central part of the Liturgical Life of Newcastle West and Desmond College is the re-enactment of the carrying of the cross, which takes place each Good Friday and which is now in its 8th year.

Under the stewardship of Sean Shields, and with the support of students, teachers, Fr. Duhig and the local clergy, this event draws huge crowds from the West Limerick area each year, despite the sometimes unkind weather.

The event continues to be breathtakingly realistic and provides truly memorable and haunting images for all those who attend.

In recent years, scenes from the event have been photographed by the national daily newspapers and the 2011 event was no different, with TG4 filming the re-enactment and other stations filming on other years.

There was a huge upgrade in the realism of costumes worn by the soldiers in 2011. Sean spent hours designing and making costumes to add a further depth of accuracy to the event.

We would like to pay tribute to Ms. Edel Boohan who gave of her time and talent in helping Sean to produce the garments to such a high standard and to Mr. Tom Byrne who made the brooches worn by the soldiers.

This year, as every other year, a number of students were individually chosen to perform as soldiers. Their participation and attitude made this event so special, as it was heart-warming to see such fine young men happy to be involved in a religious event in such a public forum.

The respect and sensitivity on the day shown by the boys, was truly admirable and is a tribute to their school and families.

We, as every year, are sincerely proud of them.

Our soldiers in 2011 year were: Kevin O’Connor, Danny O’Shaughnessy, Michael Costello, Shane Brosnan, Jamie Byrnes, Killian Hough, Shaun Mullane, Kevin Sheehan, Mossie Shine, Daithi Nolan and Daniel Cremin.

We must also thank Legion Ireland, a Roman re-enactment society, and Brian Smith, who join us each year to play an essential and pivotal role on the day. Brian, who played the part of Jesus, gave a stunning performance, as did the other members of our team, Monica Kolakowski, Anna Soltys, Lukasz Kolakowska, Fiona Connelly and other PLC Art students who played various characters in the portrayal of the last precious hours in the life of Jesus.

I must thank the committee who took responsibility for the smooth running of events – Kate Liston, Carol Liston, Helen Barry, Kerrie Collins, Margaret O’Mahony, Sinead Broderick, Claire Sheehan and Damian Culhane.

It was wonderful to see so many local people turn out to support this re-enactment by following with the procession through the town, from Churchtown to the Church, in order to participate in the Good Friday ceremonies.

In a very busy and fast moving world, it is uplifting to see people still take the time to walk in the footsteps of their Christ.


First Years Enjoy Ceili and Non Uniform Day

April 15, 2013

Desmond College Transition Year “Walk the School Day”

April 8, 2013

On Friday 15th March 2013, the Desmond College Transition Years took part in a fundraising activities a 6.5 hour walk. The class set off at 9am and returned at 3.30 with tired legs but in great spirits. Congratulations to all that took part in the day – especially to the class mascot – Kirby the dog!