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Desmond College acknowledge the assistance received from our Young Scientist Partner Companies

January 19, 2012

The assistance and contribution received from our Young Scientist Partner Companies have allowed us to enhance the experience for our students and by doing so play a significant role in the success our school continues to have in the BT Young Scientist Competition.

Desmond College Thirty Students at RDS Young Scientist Competition 2012

We sincerely thank them for all their support and good wishes during the actual competition and hope to emulate this year’s achievements with their help in the future.

Our sincere thanks go to:

  • Rettig Ireland
  • Trade Electric
  • Desmond Credit Union
  • Madigan’s Bus and Coach Hire, Ardagh, Co. Limerick
  • Vickie O’Sullivan, Newcastle West Bookstore Ltd.
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Shanid Mantels
  • VSO Publications (Weekly Observer)
  • Mike Mulcahy (Trophy & Medals)

Desmond Factor

January 16, 2012

Variety Show is on Thursday 26th January.

Competition on Friday 27th January.

Tickets are limited to two per student for Friday nights show, due to the huge demand.

Tickets €10 each.

BT Young Scientist Success for Desmond College

January 13, 2012

SWEET SCIENCE as Desmond College students, Warren Gleeson and Sean Duffy scooped the top prize in the BT Young Scientist Junior Technology Section with INVIGIL8 Security System.

The two Desmond College students also won the coveted Analog Devices Travel Award for their project entitled “INVIGIL8” at the BT Young Scientist Competition.

Young Scientist 2012 Junior Technology winners from Desmond College Newcastle West Secondary School Limerick

Sean Duffy from Knockaderry and Warren Gleeson of Newcastle West were elated to hear their names called out at a packed RDS Hall on Friday evening last. The second year boys won one of the top five prizes which included an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco where they will be the guests of Analog Devices at their head quarters, followed by visits to Google, Intel and Stanford University. In addition to this very sought after prize the students will receive €2500 for their school.

Their project won high praise from the judges who commented on their maturity, scientific understanding and ability to engage the judges when describing how their innovative “personal portable security device” works. The boys came up with the project following a tragedy in a hotel in Kinsale last year when there was a case of carbon monoxide poisoning.

They invented a suitcase with built in features such as CO2 detection, smoke detection, anti-theft device locator and built in night light. In addition the suitcase would charge a range of replacement batteries.

In addition, five innovative groups from Desmond College won Display Awards:

Eoghan McMahon, Micheal O’ Flynn and John Byrnes with ‘a simple device to ensure the secure closure of manure storage tanks’ Junior Technology,

Conor Barry, Martin Madden, AJ O’Connor with their ‘effective device to promote hygiene and safety when performing caesarean sections in cows’,

Rose Magner, Lisa Barrow, Laura O’ Mahony with ‘Herbo Fermelato silage effluent, turning problems in to products’,

Cieran Scanlon and Michael Upton with ‘the self sanitizing door handle device’,

Kate Brislane and Louise Copse got Highly Commended for their project ‘Soft Shell Eggs – a solution for free range growers’.

Not to be outdone and due to popular public interest, Cieran Scanlon and Michael Upton secured a coveted slot on ‘The Late Late Show’ where they demonstrated their self-sanitizing door handle hygiene device.

During the week as the RDS filled with camera crews and press photographers images of Desmond College students were beamed via news, print and on line media to a national audience. TV 3 and Two Tube featured Conor Barry, Martin Madden and AJ O Connor and their eye catching “calving jack” designed and constructed with Engineering teacher Tom Byrne, whilst News Today featured Shauna Gayer and Eileen O’ Flynn and their innovative anti-wasp candles and lip balm.

RTE’s website had an interview with “soft shell eggs – a solution” duo of Kate Brislane and Louise Copse. Tom Flavin, Chris Scannell and John Delee were interviewed on Today FM by Tom Dunne and on 2fm by Rick O Shea.

Other groups held their own in interviews James O’Connor ‘You’ve Got Mail’, Orlaith Condon and Nikita Derwin’s ‘Body Clock’, Ciaran Nolan and Mark Danagher’s ‘Chimney Turbine’, Jack Fanning and Liam Upton’s novel idea for using urine as a fertilizer kept judges and the public enamoured.

Ms. Marie Corkery, Science Teacher and Young Scientist Mentor, received an ‘Analog Devices Technology Educator of Excellence Award 2012’. This trophy recognises the commitment and encouragement that has enabled her students to participate enthusiastically and successfully in the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition over the last number of years. In addition Marie won an Analog Devices trip to the United States.

BT Young Scientist - 2011 - Desmond College

Young Scientist 2012 has been yet another successful year for all Desmond College’s thirty students and thirteen projects and it could not happen without the assistance from the staff of Desmond College, Ms. Marie Corkery, Mr. Tom Byrne, Mr. Donal Enright, Ms.Orla Fahy and the Desmond College Parents Association, parents and the generous sponsorship from local businesses and industries. All students involved, have done themselves, their families and school really proud.


Desmond College Young Scientist Exhibition

January 11, 2012

This year, Desmond College had 13 projects accepted in the Young Scientist Competition. This is the largest number of projects accepted from any one school in County Limerick and the 3rd highest number of projects in the whole country.


Below are details of our exhibits:


1. Social and Behavioural Sciences: Intermediate Group

Title: Let’s Call it Quits!

Overview: this project aims to investigate the most effective method to aid people who are trying to quit smoking.

Teacher: Miss Marie Corkery

Students: Lorna Browne and Sinead Nix


2. Chemical, Physical and Mathematical Sciences: Senior Group

Title: Herba Fermentato-silage effluent: Turning problems into products

Overview: Our project aims to make a useful product out of silage effluent. We shall attempt to distil the effluent to enhance its nutritional qualities.

Teacher: Mr Donal Enright

Students: Rose Magner, Lisa Barrow and Laura O’Mahony


3. Technology: Junior Individual

Title: You’ve Got Mail!

Overview: An automated visual and audio wireless system to inform you of post in your letter box.

Teacher: Mr Donal Enright

Student: James O’Connor


4. Technology: Junior Group

Title: INVIGIL8: A Personal Portable Security System

Overview: A self-charging suitcase which acts as a security device capable of detecting C02 and fire, and to double as a theft and intruder detection system.

Teacher: Mr Donal Enright

Students: Sean Duffy, Killian Enright and Warren Gleeson


5. Technology: Junior Group

Title: A simple device to ensure the secure closure of manure storage tanks and prevent the leaking of manure to the environment.

Overview: This project investigates the possibility of creating a device that will prevent the leaking of slurry storage units on farms which affects the environment.

Teacher: Miss Marie Corkery

Students: Eoghan McMahon, Michael O’Flynn and John Brynes.


6. Technology: Intermediate Group

Title: Chimney Turbine

Overview: We plan to make a chimney turbine that will sit into a chimney and create energy/electricity.

Teacher: Miss Marie Corkery

Students: Mark Danaher and Ciaran Nolan


7. Technology: Intermediate Group

Title: A simple hygiene device for business and domestic use

Overview: This device to promote bio- security and hygiene between farms and other businesses and prevent the spreading of disease on the farm and at home.

Teacher: Miss Marie Corkery, Mr Tom Byrne

Students: Tom Flavin, John Delee and Chris Scannell


8. Technology: Intermediate Group

Title: A simple device to aid caesarean sections in cows.

Overview: This project investigates the use of an attachment to a calving jack which may be used to help vets in carrying out caesarean sections

Teacher: Miss Marie Corkery, Mr. Tom Byrne

Students: Martin Madden, AJ O’Connor and Conor Barry


9. Technology: Senior Group

Title: Self sanitizing handle

Overview: It is a sanitising door handle that cleans the handle of germs before you touch it.

Teacher: Mr Donal Enright

Students: Michael Upton and Cieran Scanlon


10. Biological and Ecological Sciences: Junior Group

Title: A urine fertilizer

Overview: This project investigates the possibility of using urine as an alternative to commercial fertilisers in the growing of plants.

Teacher: Miss Marie Corkery

Students: Shane Lee, Liam Upton and Jack Fanning


11. Biological and Ecological Sciences: Intermediate Group

Title: Can you tell me the time of day by your body temperature?

Overview: This project will investigate if it’s really possible to tell the time of day based on your body temperature.

Teacher: Miss Marie Corkery

Students: Orlaith Condon and Nikita Derwin


12. Biological and Ecological Sciences: Senior Group

Title: An environmental alternative to pesticides for the control of wasps

Overview: Wasps control other species of pest insects. Rather than kill wasps we propose to use natural methods to control and NOT KILL wasps.

Teacher: Mr Donal Enright

Students: Shauna Gayer and Eileen O’Flynn


13. Biological and Ecological Sciences: Senior Group

Title: Soft Shell eggs; a solution for free range growers

Overview: An investigation into the phenomenon of soft shell eggs in free range hens and the variables that affect its occurrence along with a solution.

Teacher: Mr Donal Enright

Students: Kate Brislane and Louise Copse

Pre Junior Cert and Pre Leaving Cert Exams

January 3, 2012

Pre Junior Cert Exams start Thursday 2nd February 2012

Pre Leaving Cert Exams start Friday 24th February 2012